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Rose The Shop Dog

About 5 years ago, this sweet girl came into my life. My oldest son really wanted a dog and I told him he could get one if he could get one, as long as he promised to take care of her.

When he got her, he was told she was a puggle and would be no bigger then 20 pounds. We think now she was probably the runt of the liter and possibly not old enough to be away from her mama yet. But as they say hindsight is 20/20. She began to grow rather quickly and is now 60 pounds and we now know she is a Labrador/Boxer mix.

It probably is no surprise that it didn't take long before she was coming to my shop (back when I owned one) several times a week. She became Rose the shop dog. She was a good girl and visited often until she found her big girl voice and started barking at everyone who came in, so I stopped bringing her as often.

Rose is a very smart intuitive dog and out of the three dogs we have she is the most affectionate and also demanding of all. She loves her treats and loves going for walks after dinner. Her favorite food is anything meat, but she also likes strawberries, and puppy ice cream too!

Today I took her with me to Sentimental Journey Marketplace to do a quick booth refresh and also put up my 20% off Summer Sale signs. The sale runs through June 28th and everything is my space is 20% off! Sentimental Journeys Marketplace is very dog friendly and she got both a treat and lots of head pets while we were there!

Oh and I almost forgot to say, her absolutely favorite thing to do is lay in to sunbathe in the grass!

Even though I don't have my own shop anymore, she will always be Rose the shop dog to me!

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